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Our Products

Masia Bella is a brand dedicated to FMCG. Food and non food FMCG. All the products are selected in order to offer the best experience to the final customer with a high price-quality relationship
cafe y bebidas calientes

SPANISH TORTILLA (potato omelette)

Traditional Spanish tapa. Made with eggs and potatoes and fried in oil. Often served as a tapa, an appetizer. May be eaten hot or cold.

Bebidas frias y refrescantes


High quality thousand flower honey.

cafe y bebidas calientes


Olive oil from Spain. Selected, healthy, delicious and tasty olive oil from traditional producing areas of Spain.

cafe y bebidas calientes


Nougat. Sweet. Made of honey, egg white, toasted almonds or nuts and sugar. Traditional Spanish dessert.

cafe y bebidas calientes

HORCHATA (tigernut juice)

Soft and refreshing drink made with water, tigernuts and sugar. Original from Spain. Tigernuts are plenty of nutrients, minerals and vitamins C and E.

cafe y bebidas calientes


Baked chickpeas. High quality legume ideal for hummus, packed in glass jar.

cafe y bebidas calientes


Household products

Microfibre or cotton mops and cloths, buckets, brooms and other selected cleaning products.

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